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The Aussie Helpers Founder was in talks with some Victorian volunteers who came up with a plan to help restock north west Queensland after the devastating flooding in January 2019.

Aussie Helpers have been assisting many of these Queensland outback farming families for years through the prolonged drought and have seen the desperate times in feeding drought stricken stock and now after all this hard and unforgiving work these families have been king hit by losing a great percentage of their livestock, some suggest 300,000 head of cattle and goodness knows how many sheep.

Aussie Helpers will launch as program in February 2019 to raise five million dollars in an endeavour to buy stock so some of those worst hit smaller properties can have the chance of starting again.

This is Aussie Helpers dedicated donation web page:


Aussie Helpers will start the program by donating half a million dollars.

All funds donated will go to the purchasing and transport of livestock to the affected properties. Aussie Helpers will cover administration costs and advertising.


Aussie Helpers is as non-profit registered charity that has been operating since 21 May 2002.

The charity is operated by 25 volunteers, three paid office staff, two state coordinators, these staff members are overseen by our  Operational Manager and our unpaid CEO. The charity is managed by a Board of Directors and operates in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

These volunteers who fully embody the spirit of volunteering, freely giving their own time and expertise (often at their own expense) have created a charitable organisation that has been strongly supported by local communities including citizens and small business, many of whom have donated and supplied goods and services to enable Aussie Helpers to achieve it goal of “helping to fight poverty in the bush”.

This bonding of ordinary people and the business community has created a feeling in the community of a profound sense of community spirit which has made it a priority to help others less fortunate and those going through tough times.

Aussie Helpers impact on the people and places that we connect with is fully verified by the hundreds of emails and letters we receive each year from farming families assisted by Aussie Helpers.

Aussie Helpers visits to farming families are not meant to solve any major problems however at times just knowing that someone cares about them and their difficult situation in the bush offer a little hope of better days ahead.

Many people are astounded that an organisation such as Aussie Helpers even exists let alone what it does for people in the bush.

The beneficiaries of Aussie Helpers activities are genuine people who are going through really tough times. The majority of the people Aussie Helpers deal with would not ask for help nor expect it. However, once these farming families get back on their feet the flow on will benefit the rural communities and the country towns.

Aussie Helpers has proven beyond doubt that if people are fully committed to a worthwhile cause the local communities will embrace the organisation that in turn instils a sense of pride, even if they are not a member of the organisation that people can relate to what is being achieved in their community.

The long term effects of the work done in all aspects, psychological counselling, farm visits, stock feed, human food and on farm support all culminate in building and strengthening the families in the bush, the farming communities and the country towns.